Our Approach

Raw Marketing is a business with a heart: we create opportunities for people to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle & build their flourishing future.

A full service event production firm representing & connecting clients in the plant-based, natural health & alternative medicine sectors as well as in the motivational & encouraging fields of self-realizations.

We build the bridge to connect experts with potential customers to collaborate, share & promote their healthy living products, expertise & bringing resourceful education for health life transformation.

Our Values

Creativity, Reliability, Exploration, Accountability, Trust, & Energy, are the foundation of our full engagements in our projects & our point of difference in the market. We love working with people we connect with.

Community Work

Giving back by paying forward & honoring non-profits is one way of keeping us in touch with our community.

Our Story

Raw is from the essence, it is pure, it is transparent.

Raw Marketing was founded on the 7th of December 2011, Raw food has changed the founder's life, thus the name was chosen to elevate, grow, & enrich the company with all its beliefs.

Every business has a beginning, and this is where you talk about yours. People want to know what opportunity you saw or how your passion led to the creation of something new. Talk about your roots--people wanna know you have some.

Meet the Founder


Reina Hallab

Founder & CEO

Passionately driven, Reina is proudly living the eco-business-entrepreneur lifestyle she has always thrived for.
Reina, being a highly effective marketing professional with extensive experience in IT, Electronics, Energy, Aerospace and Food and Beverage industries in North America and the Middle East. Successfully worked with world class IT market leaders, SMB and start up clients in the corporate and retail segments.

My Special Touch

People call me the “Social Butterfly”, I connect with your idea, your project and the service you want to offer.

I love creating the opportunities for others to discover, learn and create.

I'm an Event Planner by Heart and a Marketing consultant by profession.

When I love you, everybody will!

By believing in you - through my passion for creating the project/idea, Together, we will burst into manifesting its birth

I will choose working with you, because I connect to you, your idea, and your belief.

Raw is pure, and I am transparent.
My name, Reina means rebirth - I will walk with you to see the light, and bridge from that point to the world.

Ready for the Adventure

Drop us a line, give us a call, let's meet!