Up-coming Self-Discovery Voyages & Re-Treats

The Art of Being

The Art of Being offers you transformational experiences to inspire your mind, body, heart and soul.

Our retreats are therapeutic, educational, expressive and fun! Through our creative and diverse activities, you will be facilitated into connection with your true health potential and guided in the creation of a personal and sustainable wellness culture.

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Thrive Pure Life

Thrive! Pure Life, an Extraordinary Experience, where spiritual guidance, nutritional wisdom, & holistic health lifestyle, conducted by inspiring facilitators, have joined together to help you thrive!

Holistic Food workshops & Lectures ☯ Yoga & Meditation ♥ Acupuncture & Kinesiology  ☼ Beach  & Nature Walks ☽ Group Dialogues☮

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Up-Coming Workshops

Rebirth: Self-Discover your true Feminine Energy

"Rebirth" is a series of intimate circles of meditation, energy healing through reiki and love, body movement, oriental & belly dance as well as connection with our body and feminine energy.

Dance with us!

Up-Coming Expos

Pure Wellness Expo

A tremendous gathering where we offer an array of expertise and resources in all of the necessary preventive health care & healthy lifestyle choices from a holistic approach, to communities all over Quebec and globally!

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